Robben Ford is pleased to announce the formation of his new Nashville-based label, 13J Records. The label’s focus is primarily on the recording of both legendary and up-and-coming guitarists, and stringed instrumentalists in a variety of styles, including blues, rock, country, bluegrass and jazz.

The featured release is from Brooklyn-based guitarist Jeff McErlain entitled NOW and is produced by Robben Ford who is also a guest on the recording. Full of rocking guitar instrumentals powered by a stellar rhythm section, vocalist Kendra Chantelle, an American Idol finalist, also makes an appearance singing two Robben Ford original compositions.

13J has indeed already released one record, Bjossi, by the accomplished Icelandic guitarist, Bjorn Thoroddsen, featuring vocalist MacKenzie Wasner and produced by Robben Ford. A new single, “Hey, Baby”, is set for release in anticipation of a full album later in 2019.

Robben has long envisioned devoting more time to producing records by deserving talent and has found the ideal environment to develop this vision in Nashville. “Gonna be fun”..says he.


Jeff McErlain CD cover.jpg
Bjossi coverpsd.jpg