New TrueFire Course! Trading Solos: Uptempo Blues

There’s no better way to put your skills to work and improve as a guitarist than jamming with other players. When you’re comping for another soloist, you're not only improving your rhythm chops, you’re also picking up on new licks and ideas from their solos. When they comp for you, it’s a great opportunity to try out your own improvisational ideas inspired by the groove that the rhythm section is laying down. 

In this Uptempo Blues edition of Trading Solos with Robben Ford, you’ll jam together over 5 blues backing tracks in a variety of keys and feels. Robben will share gear tips, techniques, and approaches to help you get a great blues sound. For each of the five grooves, Robben will also teach you a handful of licks and comping approaches that you can use. Then you’ll take turns applying those ideas, by soloing and comping for each other over the backing tracks.

Available: May 16th!

Daniel Schimmel