"I'd like to thank you and Robben for a wonderful experience last week at the clinic. I was truly inspired and stepped out and played in public for the very first time. Robben's mantra of "Be Bold, Be Brave, Be courageous." was a real inspiration for me. I doubt if I would have mustered the courage if it weren't for that. What really impressed me wasn't the technical material, but rather Robben's approach to music. I jotted down several quotes from the clinic and they're now pasted to my music stand."
Frank Minnuni

My thanks to Robben for doing the clinic. I got a lot out of it, but mostly it was incredibly inspiring to hear that Robben was self taught as a player, and to hear from someone whose music I love so much to basically quit whining and go learn by playing with other musicians. Robben never put it that way, but the message was clear; there isn't a substitute for the hard work of learning the basics and of taking risks musically, whether in songwriting, playing or even listening. Sometimes its all about hearing the right message, from the right person at the right time.
All the best, Michael Simon

Anne and Robben:
I wanted to tell you both that I had a great time at the clinic today. I'm really glad I picked up the Blues Rhythm DVD too. I completely missed the point of the first thing Robben showed us, the C,F,G triad thing. I guess I just had to see and hear it again to get it to sink in.I'll get to rest of that DVD and the other two DVDs tomorrow. It's been a long day and my learning bucket is full to the brim.
The Miles Davis stories were probably my personal highlight of the day.
Robert Bogdan

"Just want to thank you and Robben. Pretty amazing, and it is great that someone at his level give back like that, unlocking secrets."
Matt Schulze

"It was great to meet you and Robben the other day at his clinic. Wow, what a great time!"
Kent Hughes

"Hello, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed yesterday's clinic. It was very insightful from a lot of points of view, not only technically, but also philosophically. There were a lot of tips that I think I can implement right away, but also some pretty advanced things that will take a little more time to integrate into my playing. The incense was a nice touch too!
:-)) -Dennis Parazak

I did attend the clinic in January and had to say it was one of the highlights of my vacation in So.Cal. It was a pleasure to get some insight into a great
guitarist, singer, and song writer. I did take away one of the key messages: know thy guitar chords! Actually, I believe Robben's quotable quote was "Chords is shit!" I subsequently ordered Mickey Baker's Complete Guitar Course and Barrett Tagliarino's Chord-Tone Soloing. I have been reviewing my notes from the
clinic. I was wondering if there are any of Robben's music publications that also get into the music theory he was discussing during the clinic. Thanks again
for the great clinic and look forward to hearing back from you re: other guitar music sources.
Jim Pappas
Sacramento, CA

This is my second clinic with Robben. Ditto on what I wrote last time about my experience from the first clinic I attended. Anne, again you ran a tight ship with the facilities stuff, and lovely to see you. Thank you. Facility was in a picturesque location, and room size was perfect for the clinic.
Robben, thanks for hanging in there with us the whole time, even though you had a cold. Being sick did not impact your performance one bit. I was able to quickly grasp your teachings and messages, since I had attended the October 2010 clinic. I think attending two clinics relatively close together was useful for me, because I applied what I learned from the first clinic, and by the second clinic, I could focus on the areas I did not fully grasp the first time. Also, your one-on-one time with people is invaluable! I liked watching people's faces when you asked them to plug in with you and play. Maybe next time I'll be brave enough to do so.

Good Morning! Thanks to you and Robben for an educational and inspirational day in a fantastic setting. It was very refreshing to learn from an incredible musician (Robben) that was willing to open up and share his thoughts on playing and song writing! Tell Robben that the light bulb went on!
Kindly, Rob Ravitz

Thank you & Robben again, for a "Wonderful" day & the clinic, (Oct 16th), in Ojai. It was Totally Inspiring to be "In the room", & relaxing in the lovely town you call home.  Although tempted by the next clinic announced, (Great venue), Jan 2nd. 2011 is a bit too soon for me to return to the U.S. Although I will attend some
other's as soon as I can fit them in my schedule. Best wishes from Scotland.
Graham Barclay

Thanks again to you and Robben !! I had a great time ! I also hadn't taken into account the other students who were all nice and kind people also. I hope to attend another clinic sometime !
Thank you, Steve Hilla

Just wanted to say mahalo for the kindness extended by yourself and Robben on Saturday at the clinic. Cody says it was beyond any expectations he may have had.

The Clinic was great. I am very pleased with the entire experience. I wanted to thank you and Robben Ford for providing this wonderful opportunity for me to learn and grow as a musician.
Ray Garcia

Clinic was everything I expected and more. Looking forward to the new series of clinics that Robben mentioned.
Thanks again, John Wade

Thank you for a well-organized, yet, relaxed day of learning about Robben and his music. I am still breathless and glowing after the adventure!! As a professional working in Silicon Valley, I have attended many (zillions) of workshops, conferences, etc., and usually it is difficult to stay engaged at them either due to dry material, too much fluff with electronic presentations, and/or poor facilities (like a conference room with no windows). Yet, you provided a full day of sensational, varied material in a relaxed environment. Special thanks to you, Robben, for sharing your gifts and magic with us. I do not know about the rest of the people at the workshop; I felt like I was learning about the most intimate aspects of you. You, the music, the lyrics, the guitar are one; that's what makes your message so unique. I have never known an artist who was so willing to open his heart and soul to people; you are touchable. If I could have just a small piece of some of your gifts in my next life, I would be an excellent guitar player. And I was thrilled when you played several of your songs for us; especially Thoughtless, one of my favorites. There are many, many more where your lyrics with the music truly touch my soul, my heart, like you are talking to me.

Thank you FORDS for both making my weekend extra special ...
Don Ho

Please express to Robben my thanks for an absolutely awesome learning experience this past Saturday. Although Robben said he wasn't sure if it was a good experience for me, it really, really was. I'm sure I looked anything but happy as I squinted to focus on his playing technique (from the back row) and a look of consternation and absolute bewilderment must have appeared whenever I tried to pierce the confusion and try to grasp what he was saying and demonstrating.

Was it over my head? Most of the time. Was it enjoyable? Absolutely! I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Studying the Blues Rhythm and Blues Solo DVDs before the class helped immensely. My skills haven't reached the point where I can play along in real time… but with practice they will. It took me three months just to be able to play the simple C-F-G triads up and back down the neck.

With the handouts, the audio recording I made, the instructional media I purchased, along with Robben's inspiration and motivation I've got more than enough to work on for many years to come. I hope to be on stage (somewhere) when next I see The Great Mr. Ford!

It was a lifetime's worth of experience... and the experience of a lifetime.

Thank you, Robben and Anne.

Randy Flick

I attended your clinic a few weeks ago and wanted to express my appreciation and thanks for an amazing time and great learning experience!! I would definitely do it again as I saw a few did!
Derek Phelps, Dallas, TX

Dear Robben & Anne,
I wanted to offer my sincere thanks for putting on a very informative blues guitar clinic last week. I totally enjoyed the day. I know that Robben is a very busy person, but it's wonderful that he has been willing to take time over the years and share his magic. I want to wish Robben all the best as he continues his unique spiritual and musical journey.
Brian Hack
Roseville High School

Just wanted to thank you and Robben for a great day in Ojai. I don't doubt that these things are a lot of work for you both, and you're both very gracious hosts. Please let Robben know that he's given me lots to chew on, and so far, I've figured some of it out. I've got miles to go, but he's a great inspiration. No matter where my playing goes, it will always be about trying to express the emotion and passion I feel inside. That's what fuels me and keeps me playing. Hopefully, what I learned from Robben will help me to dig to down and connect on a deeper level. I sure enjoyed the spending the day with him.
Thanks so much,
Grover Kirkman

Hello Robben and Anne
Thank you both for the unbelievable experience again! The first time me and my father went to your clinic I was 13 years old and I was pretty overwhelmed, especially since it was at your house. Ever since Robben asked me if I wanted to jam I have been practicing so that one day I could be able to vamp with Robben at one of the Clinics and January 24th 2009 was that day. I first heard Robben play when I was 12, it was a 2 CD set that my Uncle let me borrow called the Anthology Tapes: The Early Years and the first song was Sweet Sixteen. I remember thinking to myself, "That is what I want to play like". It's so cool to be able to say that
Robben Ford has played one of your guitars; some mojo must have rubbed off because it's playing better than ever! I'm really glad that Robben enjoyed
playing it. Thanks so much for all the information and inspiration
- Phillip Benson

I recently went to Robben's January 24, 2009 clinic in Ojai. Coming all the way from Maui I had high expectations. All these were fulfilled. Robben is one of the nicest guys. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. Being able to talk about music with the master was an amazing experience. The highlight of the day was when Robben asked me if I wanted to play with him. Robben is such a gracious guy. It more then met my expectations. Robben's knowledge of music is phenomenal. I recommend it to anyone serious about music.
Thanks Robben and Anne
- Josh Hearl (age 15)

The clinic in January was beautifully designed, edifying, and wonderfully inspiring. I want to thank you and Robben for such an unforgettable experience"
- Hendrix Maxwell

It's hard to imagine a better way to spend a Saturday than with a group of guitar types on a musical expedition lead by Robben Ford. There were so many
stories that brought the people to that class; A blues man from Chicago, the three guys there as anniversary presents, two more for their birthday. Perhaps best of all were the young guitarists coming up and playing with Robben. (One young man from Hawaii stands out in my memory). Nice stuff but don't get the wrong idea, you had better be ready to learn, because Robben definitely intends to teach. So, it's back to practicing halfstep/wholestep scales, 2-5-1's and living the warrior's life. Thanks Robben!
- Paul Favour

Just wanted to let you know how much I enoyed the clinic.

Robben is such a natural at being a consummate musician that it rubbed off on me. The clinic has in fact been life-changing. I will never see music (or my life for that matter) the same way. His influence has been that profound.

Robben is relaxed, humble, light-hearted and has a very good sense of humor. He is so generous with sharing his experience and knowledge, the clinic can't be anything less than totally inspiring. Once through the clinic, one cannot do otherwise than to approach music in a much more meaningful manner.

I thought I was a musician... but I really hadn't touched on the true essence of what the whole music thing is all about.. Now, as a result of Robben's wise counsel, I'm on the true musician's path for real. The day has been a pivotal event in my progress.

I flew from Montreal for the clinic and it was completely worth it.

Warm thanks to you both for such a transformative day.
- Phil Bouchard (Montreal, Canada)

Very nice to meet you last Saturday, only arrived back in the UK this morning. Please pass on thanks to Robben for an enlightening run through his music, we had a great time in Ojai and enjoyed the evening concert, now need to study the books and DVD's we bought!!!

I participated in Robben's clinic last weekend, and I just wanted to pass along my gratitude and express my appreciation for the time and effort bothof you put into the clinic. Robben is truly a gifted musician, and it's clear to me after attending Saturday's clinic that he is a thoughtful and gracious human being as well.

I've been following Robben's music and buying his CDs ever since I first heard "The Inside Story," and have caught him playing live whenever possible
over the past 25 years -- he continues to top the list of artists who inspire me to play music.

Again, thank you.
Best regards,
- Craig Relyea

Thanks for all your help in connection with Robben's masterclass of 20 September '08. It was absolutely well worth the trip, such a valuable experience.
Please tell Robben that I found the day insightful and he has opened a few previously locked doors; not only in the development of my own playing, but also in widening my knowledge of the musical theory underpinning blues and jazz styles.
He packed a lot into one day and if anyone else reads this, thinking of attending a future clinic, you've got to do it!
Many thanks and wishing you both continued success,
Terry Rogan (part-time sultan of swing, Warrington, UK)

The last clinic was a multilevel experience that I am still working to put in perspective. Robben certainly affected my understanding and appreciation of music. So many things to remember. Thank heaven for the tape recorder. The lesson that has occupied my thoughts since leaving Ojai has to do with the need to commit to "saying" things with music and putting that first. It is a reorganizing principle for me and has already begun to effect how I hear music. Even more surprising are the rumblings within my own internal music. It was a really wonderful Saturday.
- Paul Favour

Dear Robben
I attended your guitar clinic this past spring, along with my brother in law, Mike Keefe.
I've spent years (o.k., to be honest, decades) sort of noodling around by myself. But, you told us all to get out and play and not sweat it, just get up there and screw up.

So, I planned a party for my 21st anniversary. I asked my old friends to reform their band, and they agreed. They hadn't played together in 31 years, and now live all over the country. I asked Mike to join us, and my sister in law, who is Janis Joplin reborn, to sing too. We invited over 100 people -- family and friends from high school, college, work -- and rented an Irish bar. I worked up three songs for my wife: Need Your Love So Bad, Rock Me Baby and Start It Up. And last Saturday night we had our party.

I thought you might take some little satisfaction in knowing that your influence reached a little bar on a fall night in Chicago. At the age of 56, I finally played with and for my friends and my wife. She had a smile on her face (she has a motor like a brand new car too). And you know what? We tore it up! "Start It Up" had everyone screaming! We sang, we danced, held each other close and pushed aside the years for those joyous moments. I screwed up at times, of course, but I had my moments. This was an unimaginably grand time, and a friend said it was the best party she'd been to in 30 years. My friends amazed themselves, playing like no time had passed them by.

Later, I asked my 14 year old son how I did, and he said, "you sounded better than you do at home." Now that's high praise.
- Bob Scales

Hi, just a note to say thanks, I got so much more than I had hoped for at the clinic today. It's as if a locked box was opened. Thanks so much"
- Chris O'Connell

I want to thank you and Robben for the January 5th clinic. It was incredible to have the opportunity to spend a day with such a talented artist. As an intermediate guitarist I came away with many things to practice but, more important, Robben's philosophy about playing and composition will change my playing forever.
- Scott Wainess

Thanks so much for an amazing day! Got my 'money's worth before lunch! Then with the rest after lunch, I got enough 'stuff' to keep me busy exploring for years!
- Steve Elow

"I wanted to thank you again for being truly gracious hosts on Saturday and for making my stay in Ojai so special. My musical soul was transformed and will forever change the way I approach making music. Being in your company was such a pleasure and honor-like a great meal, very satisfying." - Louis Faust

"I'd like to thank you for the clinic this past weekend. It is so rare in this day and age to have the opportunity of such a personal experience with someone of Robben's caliber. His down-to-earth, humble approach to offering us his knowledge and experiences is a testament to his love and passion for his 'art' - truly an inspiration for me as both a musician and an artist." - Dennis Mukai

"I just wanted you and Robben to know how much I enjoyed the workshop on Saturday in Ojai. Of course I learned some new guitar techniques, but I
also was inspried by what Robben said about "not caring" and "not thinking" about what I played. I was also very impressed with his kindness and patience. What a great guy! Thanks again!"
- Scott Senft

"Thank you for a great day of guitar talk, knowledge and inspiration.My wife had to hear about it all night, and I'm sure she could recite the days events verbatim, by now. I've played guitar for over fourty years, and inspiration, the likes that I felt yesterday, is now hard to come by. Roben, thank you for awakening the spirit and joy of making music, and what brought me to the guitar in the first place.Oh, least I mention the made to order weather in Ojai, it was beautiful. A perect day." - Eddie "Blue Note" Taska

"I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I enjoyed your clinic yesterday. I really appreciate the gracious generosity with which you shared your musical knowledge, great stories, and wonderful playing. I walked away with a number of new insights and techniques that will definitely help my playing." - John McLaren

"I just wanted to thank you both for such an inspiring day on Saturday. The clinic, Robben, was thoroughly enjoyable. It was great to watch and learn from you as well as participate with the other guitarists. To be honest, I just like being in a room full of musicians. It was also great to meet you again. I was one of those "kids" at GIT in the early 80s when you were a guitar counselor. Since then, I have followed your career and I've seen you perform all over the country. I also would like to complement you on your song writing. I used to buy Robben Ford albums for the licks. You have grown tremendously as a singer/song writer and although your playing is brilliant, your songs are fantastic. You have really developed a style that connects with everything I like about music. I'm a decent guitar player and can hold my own in many situations. However, songwriting is relatively new for me and I've always struggled in this area. It was wonderful to hear how you approach songs, lyrics, chord ideas and how you pull it together. Your songs really are…YOU. I walked away with some new inspiration. Thanks for that. Thanks again Robben. Congratulations on all your success! I may join you again next year and I know I'll be catching an upcoming gig here in LA."
- Chris Conte

"I want to thank you and Robben for all you do. The clinic was one of the most remarkable days I've had. What a generous, gifted and kind man Robben is, I can't find he words to express my appreciation."- David Spangolo

"It was a great clinic ... Good advice and interesting references to books - Zen Guitar and about songwriting. It was great and a lot of fun.
I went to our local record shop to buy Truth when I went back home to Denmark friday, but it's not yet released here. But when it is I'll be there."
- Simon Hoirup, Denmark

"What a wonderful time I had in Ojai in June at the Robben Ford Clinic. Robben made me think about music in a different way, and I came away with feeling much better about my current abilities. He definitely turned a light on in my brain, which apparently is hard to do. And he was a hoot, too! We had some laughs. He was very personable and had a great sense of humor, and was very down to earth. Thanks for being normal, Robben. Robben was kind enough to answer my questions about overcoming fear (fear of competition, fear of performing, fear of being criticized), and he was quite insightful and filled me with hope, desire and excitement." - Rob Cameron

A belated thanks to you and Robben for a wonderful Saturday in Ojai spent playing/talking music with Robben. Wow, this was a really wonderful experience! What most impacted and benefited me was Robben's philosophy on music and playing. It sounds simple, but hearing it from someone you really admire makes a huge impact, and I've been playing more inspired music ever since.
DeVeaux Gauger, Ann Arbor, MI.

Hello Robben and Anne, I wanted to first thank both of you for an absolutely wonderful day in Ojai. The clinic was not only a learning experience, but a view into what playing professionally entails. It seems that we all have our roads to travel to achieve an end result, and Robben did show that the road is not always paved, but sometimes contains potholes that we must learn to navigate. I have been playing my guitar everyday and working on the material that was provided so can navigate through the potholes in my playing ability. If there could only be one thing I was allowed to take away from the entire day, it would be to not "sweat" the small stuff, do not get so technical, just let your ear place your hand on the neck of the guitar, and have some fun. Again, many thanks and I am planning on coming again in the near future,
- Rich Smith

First of all, Robben, thank you so much again for spending the day with us. Your skill and insight as a musician is very inspiring and a great pleasure to hear. To watch you in action as you share your lessons learned was such a gift … Thank you again.
- Milton Clark

"I just wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed the last clinic. Robben is a very generous spirit and I came to understand how intimately connected he is to his instrument. He portrays music as it should be taught - listen to your inner song, hear it, find it then play it. Beyond simply learning to play licks, authentic expression always sounds hot, as Robben's music does.Thanks to you and Robben for sharing this gift and inspiring us. It was awesome.
- Sano Sante, Calgary, B.C.

"I attended a clinic about a year and a half ago and have been drawing on that experience in such a wonderful way ever since. Robben is so easy to talk to, and generous with his knowledge regarding all things music. Please tell Robben that he made a big difference in the way I look at my music, and am so much better for the experience."
- Jim Mooney

I just wanted to take a few moments to say Thank You for hosting the clinic.
I think it is very generous of Robben to share his playing with others and help other musicians by giving clinics. I really enjoyed the clinic and received allot of new stuff to practice! In addition to this, it was very inspirational and encouraging, we as musicians all need that! So we can pass it on. Once again, I think it is very generous of Robben to give in this way. I highly recommend this clinic to others. Plus, Ojai is beautiful.
Thanks again!
- Cindy Quinlan

"I wanted to thank you for making the clinic possible for our son, Joel. He learned that he has a way to go and much to study. We don't know of any other professional people making themselves so available to their fans and offering them an opportunity to learn from them. Thank you both for everything you did to accommodate us."
- Jim Jerekovic

"Just a note to thank you and Robben for a great workshop! Robben was most generous to let me play his Tele and more than generous with his knowledge. I'd love to come again sometime.Thank you,
- Neil Taylor

"I attended the April 2006 clinic and enjoyed meeting you both. (I hope to make another clinic next year) I was thoroughly impressed with Robben, a gentleman as well as a great musician... Please pass on to him what an inspiration he is to us small-timers playin in smokey bars every weekend strictly for the sake of the music, much of which we learned from him."
- Mike Roesch

"Just wanted to thank you and Robben for the great clinic. I really enjoyed the guitar and jazz lessons but even more the song writing experiences. His comment about "quit competing with yourself" makes a lot of sense. Anyway just had to let you know how cool it was to be there and have my Tele with his autograph...
- Larry Plaza

"Words can't truly describe the joy I felt from spending time with Robben on Saturday 14th of October. It was special. I have been listening to Robben for quite a few years and you don't need to hear from me how the man can start a fire with his axe. He has all kinds of fires.I can only recommend taking part in one of his clinics as Robben proves to be a very comforting and inspiring mentor." - Daniel Weiss, London, England

"I was inspired by your playing and your encouragement. I will endeavor to try to absorb and use what I learned. Thanks again and I highly recommend one of your clinics to any guitarist who wants to improve his/her skills, It was awesome." - Jerry Greer, Ceres, CA.

"As a repeat attendee (four times now), I can say Robben's clinics never disappoint and this was certainly no exception. Robben is truly gifted and his desire to share his love of music with his fans is a generous gift to us. After each clinic, I always come away with a renewed sense of inspiration and a determination to continue to push forward and grow musically." - Jim Constant

"Thank you Anne and Robben for an unbelievable experience at the clinic on Saturday. Me and my dad had a great time and i will never forget it. Hopefully next time me, my dad and my uncle could come. I also have been trying to practice more so that i can play with Robben at the next clinic. Overall i had a great time and it was even better when we found out that the clinic was going to be at your house( i doubt that a guitar clinic has ever been at your house but for me to be able to have experienced that was a once in a life time event). Nobody believed me when i told them that i went to Robben Fords guitar clinic and it was at his house! So to me the clinic was awesome and i wouldnt change a thing. Thanks alot, Phillip Benson

"Just a quick note to say "Thank You" for being so gracious and accommodating at the Oct. 14, 2006 clinic. It's not often that someone would welcome 10 strangers into their home and treat us as if we were friends over for a musical morning and afternoon. As the oldest attendee (62) in the group and having recently returned to playing after 27 years of guitar playing inactivity, I wanted Robben to know what a wonderful experience it was for me. Especially, his overall approach to and love for music, in general. I really loved how Robben focused mostly on chord structure and used single-note runs and scales to get from one chord to another. No matter someone's age (our group was teen's to 60's), I highly recommend this clinic to anyone wishing to expand their musical horizons. Thanks, again, for a great day!" - Adrian Silva

"I wanted to thank you and Robben for an unforgettable experience in Ojai this last Saturday. As you know, I attended with my 13-year-old son, J.C., who was already a huge Robben fan. Robben let him plug into the amp and play a song during a break. He will never forget the compliment Robben gave him on his playing, especially coming from one of his idols. It was a dream come true for him." - John Nara, Los Angeles, CA.

"As for the clinic, I thought it was really well balanced with just the right mix of history, insight, suggestions, musical theory and philosophy, a few good yarns and, of course, getting to see you just play some stuff (and fish for a few chords). It's a rare, but important, experience to see an accomplished and learned artist just being a regular person and sharing the wealth of their art form. I left with lots to chew on and the benefits of the class will last a lifetime..." -Mike Curtis, Montreal

"Many thanks for a fun and informative guitar clinic on July 29. I was very happy to be part of the group, and inspired to learn a little bit about some of Robben's musical approaches and philosophies. I have taken to heart Robben's encouragement to pay attention to what others around me play, instead of focusing overly on myself, and have already noticed that I am listening more attentively. I also really enjoyed the book, Zen Guitar--a great recommendation!"
Gretchen Menn, Hillsborough, CA

Anne and Robben, "Wanted to drop a quick note to express my appreciation for the terrific clinic this past weekend. It was like spending the day with an old friend talking about guitars and past experiences. Thanks again for allowing me the opportunity to sit and experience the fun of being around someone who truly enjoys the music." - Hunter Dodson, Round Rock, Texas

"Please relay to Robben my thanks and gratitude for the clinic on Saturday. In the small amount of playing I've done since then, I've seen a significant change in my approach to harmony and melody, one that I can evolve upon over time. His insights into his songwriting process and candor were also very valuable and appreciated." - Jeff Battershall, Morton, PA.

"Just wanted to drop a line to Robben and you and say that I really loved the opportunity to come to the clinic. I just got back to Toronto from LA and thought I'd let you know it was great." - Cal Coons, Toronto

"Thank you so much for the clinic last Saturday. I am a working professional and have been for some time time, but the inspiration alone was worth money and the crazy day I had driving in from Palm Dessert and back [I had gigs there on both Friday and Saturday night!]. Robben, you are an inspirating player and person for too many reasons to mention. Keep living well and doing those great, unexpected CDs like "Authorized Bootleg,"Supernatural," and "Tiger Walk" as well as the great Blue Line records." - Chris Clermont, Palm Desert, CA.

"Your clinic was great! Thank you so much--I left Ojai feeling inspired. I plan to come again and bring my two sons." Ron Smith

"I just got back to my home here in Orange County. Just wanted to letyou know what an honor it was to be with you Saturday afternoon in Ojai. Robben... I have been enjoying your music since the L.A. Express days. You continue to stir me up after all these years and I thank you for that.Looking forward to seeing you again. " - Mark Shapiro, Fountain Valley, CA.

"Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the Guitar clinic... I can't say enough about how good it was!" -John Spousta, Mission Viejo, CA. "Dave and I had great time Saturday...I for one discovered Robben a few years ago and he rejuvenated my interest in the guitar. I was tired of the same old standard guitar Rif's, Mesa Boogie loud crunch power chord tones, etc. so had pretty much stopped playing. When I heard Robbens playing and sound for the first time I was amazed and said: "Here's a guy who understands that a guitar can rock and still be musical". To be able to spend a day learning how he apraoches the instrument from a holistic view is a dream come true for me and I am honored. I truly believe that he is the greatest blues/ jazz guitar player in the world..." - Steve Wahrer, Coquitlam, B.C.

"I just wanted to thank you and Robben again for such a great clinic today. Please pass on to Robben that playing "All Blues" and "Stolen Moments" with him was unquestionably a highlight of my musical life. Robben's compassionate and spiritually grounded soul clearly comes out through his music, and interacting with him today completely supported this notion. On the business side, I will highly recommend Robben's clinics to every musician I know!"
Jim Fisk, Long Beach, CA.

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Robben's clinic on Saturday. What a great way to spend the day listening to truly one of the great artists of our time and hearing him speak about his musical theories and his experiences with other artists. His stories alone were very interesting and it was very generous of him to share them with his students.Robben's sense of himor and demeanor was very pleasant and enjoyable... I came away from the class with a much better understanding of what it is to be a true musician. I found Robben's emphasis on listening with your ears and your heart to be very helpful. It is a true crime that there are so many well known musicians that do not come close to Robben's brilliance. I'm looking forward to seeing him sometime in the future, perhaps at the next clinic." - A lifelong fan, Paul from Whiittier, CA.

"I came away from the last clinic with so much great information and inspiration." -Gary Pierce, New York, N.Y.

"I attended the last Guitar Clinic, and enjoyed it completely, as did the friend I brought. Thanks to both you and Robben for making the clinics available to us." -Dan Peyton, Camarillo, CA

"For me, I learned a number of lessons that go way beyond the technical stuff. Moreover, it is very inspirational to spend time with Robben. I'm totally fired up about working on my playing and enjoying the simple pleasure of making music. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone at any level."
Jack DiFranco, Rochester, MI.

"Much to learn, much to share, much to be inspired by..." - Rob Sawyer, Santa Paula, CA.

"My friend and I enjoyed the clinic very much. The first hour and a half of Robben's presentation, during which he explained chord formation and soloing within chord structures, was worth the entire tuition. We also enjoyed having the opportunity to play with Robben -- really nice touch. And many of the participants enjoyed Robben's presentation on song writing and how he developed his own talents in that area." - Jeff Wheeler, Calabasas, CA.

"Just wanted to send a quick thanks to both of you for having me at the clinic last week. It was very inspirational. It was just what a young guitarist needs to get psyched for playing. I couldn't wait to get home and experiment with what I learned..." - Frank Velardo, Lancaster, PA.

" I did really enjoy the clinic and would recommend it. Robben's philosophy and personality made it a joy." - Larry Finder, Evanston, Illonois

Many thanks for an amazing clinic. For many reasons, including the open sharing of your musical soul and roots, motivating me to stop messing around and finally learn some voicings, as well as knowing my son will remember the day for a long time, I am more grateful than I can say. - Jeff Kittrelle

Thank you for your labor of love. The clinic was beyond what I expected. The good, nurturing energy was so thick you could see it in the air. It was more than worth my time and the money. - Rich Giglio, Coronado, CA.

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for making sure all five in my group were able to attend the Robben Ford clinic together this past Saturday. We really enjoyed ourselves. Please let Robben know how much everyone in my group enjoyed and appreciated the clinic.
Paul Rosenthal, North Hollywood, CA.

I just wanted to say how much i enjoyed the May 22 clinic. I had a gig the next day and applied some of the concepts learned to Miles' "All Blues". It came out great !! Also getting to play with Robben was a very cool thing. Thanks again, - Drew DeAscentis, Los Angeles, CA.

All of us who have had the opportunity to participate appreciate your and Robben's willingness to organize and provide these classes. They are very inspirational. We stayed at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa this trip. My wife had a wonderful time. Food was great. I got lots of new ideas and enjoyed Robben's perspective immensely. Just got back today and I am going over to my partners house this evening to practice. -

"It is a challenge to create a learning environment for so many people of such varied backgrounds. Robben certainly delivered on my part and all the other participants I spoke with very much enjoyed the experience." - Allan Ievers, San Jose, CA.

"Just a thank you note for the great time yesterday. It was a pleasure to get to hear your musical approach to theory, rhythm guitar (also my favorite part) and soloing. And I really enjoyed spending time during lunch talking about guitars, improvising and other guitarists" - Barney Doyle, Aliso Viego, CA.

"Please extend to Robben my great appreciation for a wonderful clinic on Saturday. It was well-worth the drive from Sonoma County. I just ordered Zen Guitar from Amazon. Perhaps the greatest lesson I received is seeing the joy that Robben has for his music and the enthusiasm and openness with which he shared it with all of his "disciples" in the room that day. Which brings me to another profound treat: meeting nearly two dozen guitar players all with the same deep love of Robben's music that I have. Amazing!" - Mark Weddle, Rohnert Park, CA.

"Thank you again for your generosity and inspiration. I will highly recommend your clinic to others." - Wolf Puckett, Amarillo, Texas "I wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience in Ojai. The setting couldn't have been better for rest, relaxation , rejuvenation and inspiration... Robben's presentation was very inspiring. I find myself many times focusing too much on acquiring knowledge and too little on enjoying the beauty of the instrument and the power of personal creativity. Robben's presentation really drove these points home.( I even wrote a song yesterday which is a rarity for me!)." - Gary Pierce, Garden City, N.Y.

"The guitar clinic in Ojai was outstanding; everything that I expected and more. Robben was very open and willing to share his approach to music. That was maybe the best lesson - Robben's "philosophy" toward music. It was a treat to watch and listen to Robben play the material he enjoys most."
Tom Olin, Richland, MI.

"It is nice to be around such positive people... I feel like this has been a nice turning point for my playing... It's really great to have a feeling of forward motion in music, and I am deeply grateful. And I have hardly scratched the surface of what was presented." - Mark Robinson, Redondo Beach, CA.

"I did want to say that I get as much or more out of just being around Robben as a kind of inspiration as I do from grasping the ideas of specific academic approaches to the music. To my mind, Robben is and has been for decades, the greatest living electric guitar player period. So, to know him is a tremendous honor. I appreciate the opportunity to attend these workshops very, very much. They mean more than I can say." - Steve Fox, Carmel Valley, CA.

"I just wanted to follow up with a BIG thank you. Not only did I immensely enjoy the workshop atmosphere and learning from Robben, but it really kick-started my progress into learning the blues. Most importantly, Robben demystified the blues for me and gave what I thought was very wise advice about learning and playing (e.g. learn those chords! & listen more than you play). It was also inspiring to hear Robben share some spiritual views as well)." - Bill Harris

"Thank you for a terrific day. It was a pleasure to have Robben give so much of himself... Please express my appreciation to Robben for his time and his sharing of musical insight." - John Buffaloe

"Thank you both for the opportunity to attend such an enlightening clinic as Robben shared with us today. I wanted to let you know that Robben opened a few key doors for me that, before today, had seemed beyond my grasp and forever closed to me. Actually, I wasn't even aware that one of those doors existed before Robben's lucid explanation showed me the pathway to some very musical possibilities. I expect to enjoy a quantum leap in my musical ability and enjoyment as a result." - Rick Lunetta, Corona, CA.

"Please convey to Robben how much I gained from the clinic today! He very graciously answered questions but more importantly was a real spark to my continuing to play guitar. Thanks once again." - Ann Thompson

"Thank you and Robben for a most enjoyable and informative clinic in Ojai last Saturday. It was a weekend that, as a guitarist, will go down as one of the best ever." - Jim Von Kreuter, Glencoe, IL

"My most sincere thanks for such a fabulous event. I learned so much more than guitar stuff at Robben's clinic. It was truly a dream come true!" - John Juul





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