Spring 2014

Pre-sale registration is now open for Keeping the Blues Alive At Sea, February 17-21, 2015, featuring Joe Bonamassa, Robben, John Hiatt, Robert Randolph & The Family Band, and many more!
Please visit for info.


Fast Forward To August!
Click here for Guitar Dojo Camp in the Catskills, info and video.

Exciting times! With the imminent EU release of A Day In Nashville on February 3 and the North American release on March 4, Robben is on the road (link as before), mixing his sets with the new record and Bringing It Back Home as well! In addition, please click here for downloads of Lyrics and Charts.

Rhythm Revolution is now available! Here's a free lesson from the course, courtesy of Robben and TrueFire.


Robben will be in Australia during April and return to the U.S. for the re-booked October, 2013 dates. Yes, his wrist has healed, and some say he's playing better than ever!